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It's pretty simple: the most birds seen or heard from one's yard during 2013 will be the "winner". Want in? O.k....then do it despite that.

2013 promises to be a lot less mean but still a carbon-free birding competition, even if slightly less exciting than a MEGA x EPIC hybrid.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fall Warbler War is on- want to know why?

I have no idea why this bird is present at my latitude at this time of year (this is at least 2-3 weeks earlier than I've ever had it down here in late summer) but this Bay-breasted Warbler just visited my bath:
which begs the question: why is the warbler war not on, loozas? So I am taking the initiative and declaring it ON! Here are my suggested rule changes from previous runs:

1) no real-time point removal by the 2nd person to get a species. Those who get the bird first get 2 points which cannot be removed (in yellow on the spreadsheet). Those who get is second get 1 point (green on spreadsheet). At the end of the season, anybody with a species that no one else recorded in their region gets an extra bonus point at that time.
2) date range=Jul 15-Nov 10.
3) Hussey gets to count all Old-world warblers (Phylloscopus, Sylvia, Acrocephalus, Locustella, etc.), even though they're not the same as Parulids.

Anybody got a problem with that? If so you can talk to my friend Tommy (last name Gun).


  1. uh Caleb,

    I realize you are a pretty self-absorbed dude, but you can't declare Fall Warbler Wars to be on, cause I already did see (* see a few posts back ago!)

  2. to think you were the guy trying to talk me into the 150+ warblers I saw this morning to be "post-breeding dispersal"

  3. Well then, Owly Hut, get in that spreadsheet and start filling it in! Maybe you'll actually beat somebody in this mini-competition.

  4. and lest anyone doubts migration is happening, here are my numbers from birding this morning on a northern Lake Michigan point (glorious P.P. also known as the point of land Swamp Kat can just barely see from his tower!)

    Golden-winged Warbler- 1
    Tennessee Warbler- 2
    Nashville Warbler- 45+
    Northern Parula- 1
    Cape May Warbler- 8
    Myrtle Warbler- 40+
    Black-throated Green Warbler- 1
    Blackburian Warbler- 3
    Black-and-white Warbler- 18+
    American Redstart- 15
    Mourning Warbler- 9
    Common Yellowthroat- 1

  5. I had a Myrtle today that was so juvenile in plumage there was no yellow-rump!

    I love those streaky juvenile warblers in the UP! What a phenom.

  6. "At the end of the season, anybody with a species that no one else recorded in their region gets an extra bonus point at that time."
    This is a big change Caleb. In our prior competitions, you only received the additional bonus point if you were the lone observer out of everyone (Harry should love that stipulation!). I think it should remain that way, otherwise, Skye and Kaplan will just be getting 3 points for whatever the other didn't snag!
    BBWA in July... What's this world coming to?

  7. "BBWA in July... What's this world coming to?"

    Ah global warming.... it's a hell of a drug

  8. there was a summer -- in believe in 1988 -- that BBWA & TEWA moved in large numbers during July into the northern Lower Peninsula (Roscommon) where I was Atlasing at the time. I recall other people seeing them too. t I was encountered them out of habitat nearly everyday. It was a bloody hot and dry summer with a big Dicksissel movement that summer as well.


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