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It's pretty simple: the most birds seen or heard from one's yard during 2013 will be the "winner". Want in? O.k....then do it despite that.

2013 promises to be a lot less mean but still a carbon-free birding competition, even if slightly less exciting than a MEGA x EPIC hybrid.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

rarity rankings

Here's the results of the Rarity voting.... Each participant ranked their preference for the Top Ten ranked rarities and I scored them by assigning 10 points for the #1 bird, 9 points for #2, 8 pts. for 3 etc., etc.

Numbers following the record: first is the number total points based on the system just explained, second number is the highest ranking received by a participant, and third number is total number of members ranking a particular bird in the top 10.

For example -- White-winged Dove recieved 79 points, was ranked #1 by at least 1 person and scored in the top 10 on all 8 members voting list....

Figure I'll keep the list of all birds and we'll do a re-vote when merited.

1) White-winged Dove* - June 12 - Columbus OH – 79,1,8

2) Yellow-throated Warbler- 29 Aug - MQT- da Yoop 71,1,8

3) Swainson's Hawk- May 1 MQT- da Yoop 61,2,8

4) Rose-br. Grosbeak - Jan 2 - Warner - Central OH 56,2,8

5) Little Blue H/Snowy E. (imm) - 18 Aug- Naperville 36,4,7

6) Oregon Junco - 8 April- TOR - the Yoop 36,5,8

7) Am. White Pelican - 4 May -Booner's Wastelands 20,5,7

8) Black-bellied Plover - 5 May - overflying Naperville 15,4,3

9) Foxy Sparrow - Jan/Feb - Kaplan - UP MI 14,6,4

10) Dickcissel - Sep 8, Putzville (nocturnal flight call) 11,4,3

11) Barn Swallow - 31 March - Kitty – UP 9,7,3

11) Cerulean Warbler - 30 April - Curtis' Urban Woodlot 9,7,3

13) Least Flycatcher – 8 June - DAZL’s slab 8,8,3

14) Northern Shrike - Mar 8 – Brigham 7,6,2

15) Merlin - Jan - Haas & Kaplan - UP MI 4,8,2

16) Golden Eagle – 3/21- TOR – UP, Big Rig9/? 1,10,1

16) Sora- over Black Oak forest- Putzville, 4/28 1,10,1

16) Yellow-b. Sapsucker – 4/13 - Booner Wastelands, 1,10,1

16) Am. Woodcock – 3/17 - Dykstra's urban oasis 1,10,1

Next game - please send me the measurements of your yard so I can calculate and plot species per unit of area, curious the relationship..... acres or yard dimensions are great. Thanks


  1. Thanks for doing this JOKA. My yard is 0.6 acres, but I think it's worth noting that my view of the sky is limited to about 25% of the full visible atmosphere, and about 1% of the actual horizon- and these may additional "correction" factors worth computing. Those with a more complete view of the horizon and atmosphere have a much better shot at waterfowl, raptors, pelicans, etc.

  2. I'm just glad I at least made the Top 10. However, it's a tough call on whether AWPE beats out SEFI's BBPL. Hmmmm.....

  3. Rick - looks like you and I (and Harry)are the only ones with a no show in the top 10.
    How much you want to bet that Putz padded his score by giving himself an unrealistic #4 vote for DICK?!
    And maybe I'm wrong about you, Rick - you probably deserve a top 10 with your GOEA. Maybe we'll recalculate in Jan.

  4. Yeah Curtis, I have to agree that Putnut has an unrealistically high ranking of his nocturnal DICK.

  5. SEFI: not MY ranking of my DICK- your ranking! I, for one, am not surprised how high most of you ranked my DICK, and for good reason.

  6. In all seriousness I am not the one that ranked my DICK #4, I ranked it #8.

  7. That DICK was an awesome and a very skillful (nocturnal flight call) score. WAY better than the ho-hum birds #4 and beyond. FOSP in winter better than a fall DICK ....pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssssse.

    You only ranked it 8 Caleb -- guess now we know why you are Silly Putty.

  8. Oh I combined Rick's GOEA with Skye's GOEA -- both failed the grade sorry.

    We'll take another pass at this near the end of the year IF we have some new nominees.

  9. Skillful!? Let's not be too generous here! Identifying that flight call is the equivalent of being able to visually identify an alternate male VEFL sitting at a watering hole in SE AZ...
    Likely? Perhaps not highly given Putnut's slice of the sky he's hearing, but comeon, they had a banner year.
    Whoever ranked that bird #4 was smoking some SERIOUS ganja!

  10. Dave - you put the RAZL in DASL. I can't wait to read your thesis!

  11. Dave- you have the most badass gmail username I've seen- and it incorporates your alpha code. What were we talking about?

  12. Sean, if I'm smoking ganja your tugging on the crack pipe. Banner year for Dick, sure, if you have relatives in Iowa, but Grand Rapids or the extensive prairies in the Northern Lower Peninsula, humm, I don't think so.

    this is a rarely encountered species in Michigan in migration -- I've had had 2 in 30 years. Caleb had a rare hero worship moment, though obviously he doesn't get it and apparently he's in good company here.

  13. Might Putnut's DICK be fictitious? Did we ever get a recording of it? I just remember reading a brief description if his DICK's call. Is this enough to even validate the legitimacy of an observation of this nature for this particular blog? We need more proof of this DICK of his...

  14. Aaron, if you are suggesting that he post proof of his DICK on this blog I would severely CAUTION YOU!

  15. I'm with Booner on this one. A review of Caleb's DICK is in order. If the majority of this most ignoble organization does agree that Caleb has a, er I mean had a DICK, then I slide over to the JOKA'rs camp of nice find.

  16. you would want a review of my DICK, wouldn't you, Haas? Nice sidebar, BTW, jackasses.

  17. Joe - nicely done. Great Swamp Cam by the way!

    Quick DICK - I'm glad you have nothing to hide.

    Curtis - Its no big deal not being in the top 10. I actually look at the list and consider the top 5 the most worthy.


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