2013 and beyond

It's pretty simple: the most birds seen or heard from one's yard during 2013 will be the "winner". Want in? O.k....then do it despite that.

2013 promises to be a lot less mean but still a carbon-free birding competition, even if slightly less exciting than a MEGA x EPIC hybrid.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

"It's quality, not quantity, that's important"

I've decided to rip one out of the Haas playbook and start hygrading my yardbirds.  Figure if I can't beat them, I can at least get their attention....


  1. Yo! My FOTE can't touch THAT with a...well...a 10-foot bill...

  2. Unreal Kat- even though the scorecard is low, you continue to hit doubles and triples while I bunt my way to the W.

  3. I'm hugely impressed/jealous of this species as a yardbird. The early date also ups the ante on this quality shorebird!


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