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It's pretty simple: the most birds seen or heard from one's yard during 2013 will be the "winner". Want in? O.k....then do it despite that.

2013 promises to be a lot less mean but still a carbon-free birding competition, even if slightly less exciting than a MEGA x EPIC hybrid.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yes, I'm eBirding...

Location: Highgate Yard & Woodlot
Observation date: 1/10/10
Number of species: 5

Cooper's Hawk - Accipiter cooperii 1
Red-bellied Woodpecker - Melanerpes carolinus 1 (#14 for 2010)
Downy Woodpecker - Picoides pubescens 1
Dark-eyed Junco - Junco hyemalis 3
House Finch - Carpodacus mexicanus 4
House Sparrow - Passer domesticus 50

*Just a note, you can't paste this info into the blog post while in Html


  1. Hey those heavily streaked female finches are Purple's Curtis...

  2. Sean, for all we know they were female House Sparrows. Don't give "wren-boy" too much credit, now!

    Good to see you're eBirding! Check out Dave's unofficial Mich. eBird portal blog:


  3. OOPS...I must have clicked the wrong box! Yeah, right...as if you'll believe that NOW! Sheeesh! Ok, let the grief begin.

  4. And, yes, I fixed the data on eBird too. BTW, I'm working on getting my excel life list onto eBird...pretty cool how that works.

  5. Ok, so I'm getting hooked! I'll just blame you guys when my 2 boys eventually need therapy for lack of a father. ;)

  6. Is 'e-birding' when you get off your face on MDMA and start claiming all kinds of weird stuff...?

  7. Pretty much, yes. As is true of most of Dorkstra's & Slag's birding experiences.

    Actually, no, it's an internet bird data portal which is gaining steam as the go to place for N.A. bird observations: http://ebird.org/content/ebird/ . They should make one for the Palearctic!

  8. Nope Harry,

    E-birding is (sadly) nothing like X, more like crack- you get a short nazi-bitch rush then you crave more.

    Just say no to Ebird


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