2013 and beyond

It's pretty simple: the most birds seen or heard from one's yard during 2013 will be the "winner". Want in? O.k....then do it despite that.

2013 promises to be a lot less mean but still a carbon-free birding competition, even if slightly less exciting than a MEGA x EPIC hybrid.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

all things equal

I was one redstart away from having my year totals equal my all-time total. Equality Day occurred May 16 when 7 new birds appeared for the yard.

Last night and this morning the heat shim on the Bay did not settle down so wondering if my window of opportunity for distant waterbirds has now closed for the season.

16 May birditoes
Spotted Sandpiper - nocturnal release of calls
Great Crested Fly -- 5:57 am -- still dark; saw it fly in from the marsh and land in the first alder then give a bout of calls and fly off. It felt like a pure Bill Evans/Micheal O'Brien moment.
Red-headed Woodpecker -- heard calling in the neighborhood across the street ... ran it down .3 miles away -- finding it on the top of a telephone pole before heading off across town.
Blackburnian Warbler -- perching a singing briefly before heading down the lakeshore.
Am. Redstart - Ditto
Warbling Vireo and Black-throated Green -- singing in the neighbors yard.

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